Cesar takes Third Place!

Written by Andrew
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 18:16

Below is the story abou the most recent Sprint race by DeansList driving instructor Cesar Fuentes:

Three wide in their salute to the race fans as 21 of the 22 registered Renegade Sprint Cars made their way around the Southern New Mexico Speedway with Cesar Fuentes and Curt Barnett leading the field to the green with the 43 of Barnett exploding into the race lead and running away early. Four wide off of turn four, as the field raced hard around the Speedway as the line was to the high side with the 43 abusing that line as he continued to run away.


Second through fifth was up for grabs as the F7 of Fuentes held off the 7c of Patrick Carney as Carney all but ran over the back of Fuentes as he was hard on the brakes with both cars sideways off the corners with Royal Jones sitting in fourth as the caution waved in a decision made by Speedway officials as being to quick with the caution, giving the 518 of Lorne Wofford his spot back in the running order after nearly spinning in turns one and two. As the field lined back up, the 43 of Barnett lead the way as the green was back out. Side by side, the battle for forth was about to become a three car battle as the 518 of Wofford battled with McCutcheon and Jones but the battle would have to wait as the 20 of Kyle Sager would spin in turn two, after contact with the wall on the previous lap. Single file once again as the 131 of Royal Jones looked to the inside of Patrick Carney for third as the 7c was able to hold off the 131 with McCutcheon and Wofford sitting fifth and sixth with Barnett continuing to pull away from the field Fuentes in second and Carney holding onto third. On the high side, the 43 of Barnett was running down slower traffic as the battle continued further back in the field with Shawn Sander charging from the 16th starting position to crack the top seven. In lapped traffic, second through fifth was anyone’s guess as the F7 of Fuentes continued to hold off the 7c of Patrick Carney but on the high side the 518 of Wofford was on the move as Wofford made it a three car battle for third. Wofford down to the low side but the car would not stick as the high side was wide open for the 5 of McCutcheon. Up to third now with the pass on Carney the 5 of McCutcheon was looking for second as he charged past the F7 of Cesar Fuentes but the caution would wave, sending the F7 into the race lead as the 43 of Curt Barnett back his Renegade Sprint Car into the outside wall. Six laps to go and the F7 was on the loud pedal as the 5 of McCutcheon was all over the back bumper of Fuentes as the 518 of Wofford sat in third as the field roared around the high side of the Southern New Mexico Speedway. The laps clicking off and the 5 was still glued to the back bumper of the F7 as the white flag waved. Down the back straight, Fuentes with the 2wild of Billy Roy Harris right in front of him took the high line as McCutcheon dove to the low side into turns three and four looking for the win as the 5 would make contact with Fuentes, sending the F7 flying into air. As first and second tangled all eyes were on the 518 of Wofford as the Alamogordo driver turned low in a three wide finish with Wofford taking the win with McCutcheon second and Cesar Fuentes fighting back from nearly being flipped to take third. Patrick Carney would take fourth with Shawn Sander fighting from sixteenth to fifth.

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