Deanslist DE Instructor Wins Sprint Car Race!

Written by Andrew
Tuesday, 28 April 2009 19:58

Twenty-four Renegade Sprint Cars, thirty laps, and it was Matt Ziehl and Lorne Wofford leading the field to the green with Ziehl finding the slick and making slight contact with Wofford, but everything would be fine as Wofford roared into the race lead with Ziehl trying to hold his 36dd straight as the F7 of Cesar Fuentes made the pass for second in the opening laps of the 30 lap main event for the RSCS. Wofford out front and in lapped traffic as he moved his 518 to the high side and blew by the slower cars, leaving the field in his wake as further back in the field, Royal Jones raced side by side for third with the 36dd but it would be Jones taking the spot as Ziehl continued to have handling problems with his Renegade Sprint Car. Further back in the field, the 3s of John Carney II was beginning to find room to run as he battled side by side with Mike Wells, with both cars beginning to move forward through traffic.

Ten laps to go and Wofford dived to the low side in turns three and four but it would be the wrong move to make as Wofford would spin on the low side in the middle of lapped traffic, collecting the 7c of John Carney and the 16 of Robert Miller with all three drivers continuing at the tail. Nose to tail and the leader was the F7 of Cesar Fuentes with Royal Jones in second and JR Patton all right there but Fuentes would pick up the pace on the back straight, gaining a huge jump on the field as officials let it go but the caution would wave, brining the F7 back to earth. On the restart, Fuentes would again begin to pull away with Jones and Patton battling side by side with John Carney II moving up to fourth with less than 5 laps to go as the field would again be brought back under caution as the 99 of Chuck Jackson brought his Renegade Sprint Car to a stop in turn two.

Three laps to go and the F7 would accordion the field on the restart as he gained the jump he need to get away form the 131 of Royal Jones but it would be just what the 3s of Carney was looking for as he shot to the low side of JR Patton for third and set his sights on Jones for second as they raced to the white flag with Carney taking to the high side for the pass on Jones for second but that would be as far as Carney could make it as Cesar Fuentes would take the win in his second stat in a Sprint Car after 10 years of retirement

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