As of March 22, we have reached our limit of 30 teams. Due to the overwhelming response for 2009, Dustball Rally is opening this year’s event to five more teams. The limited entries do have an increased rate to help compensate for additional expenses that are projected to be incurred.

The 2009 event is a 3-day, 2-night gimmick rally adventure in which all driving is done within only 2 days, leaving 1 day for rest and relaxation. A gimmick rally is a fun event that leads your team along a planned route of specific roadways in search of clues to correctly follow the route and answer test questions.

The Dustball Rally is followed by several camera crews that record and document the entire journey.

The revised rate is $420 ($425 online) and is limited to five additional teams only. below is a registration form download and the new online payment link to complete registration:

Download the registration form here

Pay Online with Paypal or Credit Card

This year’s event is one you will not want to miss.