Everyone in our little southwest town has noticed it, and it is hard not to, that EPPD has been hawking motorists since the new police chief, Gregory Allen, hath taken office.


The latest in police debacles was reported days ago when an non-stickered Dustballer was pulled over…well…already stopped…in the drive-thru of a local fast-food restaurant. The citation? No front plate… Is this even legal on private property?? Too bad we don’t have a picture of that one, it seems like something out of Reno 911.

Whether they say it is for the safety of the public, or if it is actually just revenue generation, the facts are hard to deny. In the past three years, EPPD has collected on traffic fines rather consistently:

2006 – $4.1 Million
2007 – $4.4 Million
2008 – $4.3 Million
2009 – $1.2 Million thus far

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And after reading the NHTSA research report which states that, speed only causes 10% of traffic accidents, I am convinced that speeding tickets are not about safety. Read the article here

Here are the facts

But before being quoted, I would add that abusing the speed limit is one thing while murdering it is another.

The men and women in blue are cracking down!! In addition to some questionable ticket-writing, EPPD are setting up insurance checkpoints all over the city throughout the week. This causes major delays on some of the busiest roads, as motorcycle cops will cite you if you turn around to avoid the checkpoint. What have we become when there are police checkpoints on US soil?

And now the recent controversy, that an officer will soon have the power to impound your vehicle, by his own judgment…if you cannot display proof of insurance. Sure, I think uninsured drivers are scum because of the risk they place on everyone else, but giving an officer that much power is quite a leap. What else can he impound your vehicle for?

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On the flip-side, since the law will apply to anyone driving in El Paso, many of us will no longer have to worry about getting hit by uninsured Juarez motorists whom are less than favorable drivers on our roadways.