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its about the drive

Events of DeansList

Written by Andrew
Monday, 06 April 2009 20:23

The DeansList is all about events, from a casual get-together to the great Dustball Rally.  Below are some of the events that you can expect to attend, both as a member or as a guest to a member:

Social Call - Get together at a local establishment for refreshments and plenty of car-talk and racing conversation.

Photo-shoot - Give our resident photographers some practice catching great angles on your favorite automobile.

Show 'n Shine - We usually don't do car shows, unless a charity is involved, but a show-off session can be fun.

Cars and Coffee - Morning or evening get together bring sit outside a coffee shop and talk cars.

Drive-out - Single-day drives that usually work well to purge the mind of anything but driving enjoyment.

Wine Tour - Single-day drive that makes designated stops at cetain winery establishments for tastings.

Track Days - Enjoy a day of testing the limits of your auto in a safe environment.

Private Track Days - Privately renting the local racetrack for our use in instruction and letting loose.

Autocross - Not hosted by DeansList, but our close ties to the local PCA region makes us welcome.

Dustball Rally - The great big mother of them all, the multi-state, multi-drive hosted by yours truly.

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