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its about the drive

The Dustball Rally

Written by Andrew

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What is all the hype about the Dustball Rally??!!
It is with great pride that DeansList.US would like to introduce the Dustball Rally.  Before going on, we will take a moment to answer the first question that is now lingering in your mind:
"What is the Dustball Rally?"
Best explained by an interviewed team in the Santa Fe Reporter (a news publication in Santa Fe, NM):
"The saying goes: ‘It’s a rally, not a race.’ What we get at the beginning of the rally is a sheet of paper with ‘gimmicks’ on it. These are clues to items that you’ll see as you’re driving along the highways. So you’ll have a picture of a sign and you’ll be asked to identify the location of the sign or you’ll have to pick out the fourth letter of the third word of a street sign on the left of mile marker 20, and you string these together to answer a question. The competition is who is able to solve those questions the fastest and the most accurately and basically make the best time over the distance."
Now of course there are many questions you may have, so we will do our best to explain:
The Dustball Rally is essentially an over-blown, multi-state, multi-day, multi-challenged scavenger hunt that traverses sticker-ridden vehicles over 1500 miles of the southwest.  Teams travel through all paved roads, many cities and towns, and temporarily finishing in a major US City that is not divulged to the participating teams beforehand.  In other words, they sign up to be sent on a wild goose chase for 3 days.  Who does this? business owners, bartenders, designers, doctors, mechanics, retired race team owners, bank presidents, tellers...essentially anyone that is into adventure, cars, and a lot of fun.  We have had teams entered from six states and two countries.  Thus far, for 2009, we have 35 teams (each team consisting of one vehicle with two persons) signed up and ready to go.  We hope that you may be interested to join in this adventure in the future!