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its about the drive

The DeansList

Written by Bob Medley
Monday, 11 August 2008 22:13

What is the DeansList?

DeansList was started originally as a spin-off from a regional Porsche Club, in 2003.  Being an active board member, Andrew was interested in boosting attendance at Porsche club events, but saw little to no interest from other members.  Tours and drive-outs were one of the most favorite PCA activities for Andrew to plan and carry out.  However, some of the driving styles that members enjoyed were not PCA approved, and eventually ended the spirited drives within the local region.

Many of the DeansList activities that were planned had difficulties with attendance, and finally it was decided to invite all types of cars rather than just Porsches.  To do this, a new way of advertising the events was needed, and rather than starting a typical car club, DeansList.US was born to become a venue for advertising the events.  Such events that DeansList advertised and hosted included drive-outs, wine tours, cars and coffee, social gatherings, and invites to a range of private events including track days, multi-day tours, gatherings and more.

As DeansList became more of a functional unit, and evolved into what we believed to be the most popular and fun driving events,  it transformed into and official members-only club.  Many long-time followers and attendees of DeansList events have since joined, and continue to enjoy open, and members-only events.

DeansList current membership boasts some of the most powerful in automotive machinery to date.   Among the membership, several driving instructors help other members improve their driving skills, both on and of the track.  DeansList drivers are among some of the most talented in the region.  Don't believe it? Join us and find out for yourself.

DeansList is beginning its expansion to other cities within Texas. 


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